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Welcome to the Air Conditioners Reviews Web Site (www.air-conditioners-reviews.com) the best, non bias and most comprehensive source of information. We provide complete, concise and right to the point information on air conditioners available today! 

We focus on portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, room air conditioners, ductless air conditioners, vent less air conditioners, split air conditioners, wall air conditioners, RV air conditioners, even solar air conditioners, 12 Volt air conditioners, tent air conditioners and marine (boat) air conditioners.

Information you'll find on our WEB site includes:
- Reviews, ratings and technical information on all types of air conditioners listed above.
- Reviews and ratings on most brands of air conditioners available today.
- You will find general information about air conditioners, installation, maintenance, parts information, and more.
- We provide you with complete information on air conditioners filters as well.

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